Wipe Rite Gloves Are The ONLY Glove

That Disinfects While It Protects.

Use the Solution You Want

Use all natural cleaning solutions to make extra gentle gloves that are safe for your family.

Use your favorite brand of chemical formula to kill viruses, germs, & bacteria.



  • In Your Kitchen & Bathroom*

    Clean your kitchen & bathroom in half the time. With Wipe Rite, spend less time cleaning so you can get time back in your day to do what you like.

  • To Dust*

    Wipe Rite Gloves are perfect for dusting. Just spray your favorite dusting product on the gloves, or even keep them dry if you prefer.

  • For Your Grocery Haul*

    Save time and effort wiping your grocery haul at home. Wipe Rite even has you covered from the time you grab a cart through checkout.

  • For Your Little One's Stuff*

    Busy parents with even busier little ones can now use both hands to wipe down objects and keep curious infants and toddlers safe from bad germs.

  • When Traveling*

  • While Out & About*

    Taking a train to work? Hanging out with friends or going on a special night on the town? Keep a pack of Wipe Rite Gloves on hand to kill germs no matter where you are.

*Disposable Gloves are designed for IMMEDIATE USE after saturation.*

Can't imagine it? Check out the images below to consider how many living germs may be on the everyday things you touch. Wipe Rite has you covered for them all!